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I’ve got a few more WCF posts in the cooker, but I thought it might be nice to start the new year off with something a little bit different. This past Thursday, my wife and I were fortunate enough to receive an invite to the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra’s “Blogger’s Night”.

I believe this is the second year that the KSO has put on a blogger’s night. The deal is that Knoxville area bloggers receive free symphony tickets in exchange for writing about the experience. And since my wife and I were in desperate need of some culture and a night out sans children I figured it was a fair trade. I was wrong. I definitely got the better end of the deal.

The performance we attended was Mozart and Mendelssohn, at the Tennessee Theater, with Navah Perlman performing the piano part in Mozart’s Concerto Number 24, in C minor.

The Tennessee Theater itself is gorgeous, with a 1920’s Spanish-Moorish design, and a jaw droppingly beautiful ambient lighting system. The acoustics were, I thought, spot on as well. I had no problems hearing the orchestra, and was even able to hear the conductor during a brief microphone outage during the introduction.

I’m a moderate Mozart fan, in that I like Mozart, have recordings of and can recognize most of his works, but I probably can’t name more than two. However, I now know that most of my Mozart recordings suck. I’ve never heard it played so well.

So, a thank you to the KSO for a wonderful, ear opening experience. I’m off to re-buy my meager classical music selection. To everyone else, get out there and listen to some music.

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  • Neville

    2/23/2009 1:37:16 AM |

    Yer a total geek...but i like yer style

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