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About Me

Knoxville, Tennessee United States

Steve Barbour

About Me

I love solving real problems. I get a warm and fuzzy feeling when I am able to create real value for my users, whether it's with software I wrote, or just finding the perfect OTS software to meet the need.

It's all about the users.

Technical Skills
Like: c#, wcf, .net, ruby, python, rails, mvc, html, jquery
Dislike: php, java

CurrentManager of Application Development - Cellular Sales

  • Recruit, mentor and manage application developers.
  • Insure appropriate architecture across applications.
  • Backfill as a developer for short-staffed teams
  • Set and monitor professional standards
  • Create and document standard processes and best practices
  • Coordinate and communicate across teams, departments and specialties

January 2012 - CurrentSenior Software Developer - Cellular Sales wcf asp foxpro teamcity git

  • Designed and implemented shared security sessions between .NET and classic ASP.
  • Improved performance of javascript in several key application areas.
  • Designed and implemented security for WebAPI (MVC 4) web services.
  • Reconfigured existing application and hosting to reduce bandwidth usage by 75%.
  • Helped shape development process including code reviews, source control strategy, test driven development and in house training sessions.
  • Maintained and improved a classic ASP and FoxPro Point of Sale Application while migrating to ASP.Net MVC.
  • Mentored junior developers and peers.

July 2008 - January 2012Software Developer - Bechtel International (Contractor)

c# wcf silverlight ping-identity single-sign-on ruby-on-rails javascript jquery

Responsibilities: Software development and architecture as a lead developer creating Bechtel's "Next Generation" of software.

  • Helped create and teach methods for developing SOAP and REST web services using WCF.
  • Created web applications using WCF, HTML and JQuery.
  • Created Enterprise Single Sign On (SSO) using ASP.NET MVC3, Ping Identity, OAuth, OpenID and Active Directory.
  • Integrated SSO with third party applications, and internally developed iOS Apps.
  • Integrated SSO with Twilio for Two-Factor Authentication.
  • Spearheaded the use of Ruby on Rails in Bechtel's enterprise environment.
  • Developed back-end web services for the PSN portal using Ruby on Rails and MySQL.
  • Created web application to integrate Citrix Application Services with the PSN Portal.
  • Developed web services for enterprise file sharing using Ruby on Rails and MongoDB.
  • Created WCF extension to automatically return a single WSDL.

April 2006 - July 2008Software Engineer - Edfinancial Services c# biztalk scrum dotnetnuke

Responsibilities: Agile software development as part of a SCRUM team maintaining and improving Edfinancial’s online loan process and supporting backend systems in a high availability enterprise environment.

  • Streamlined the online loan process as part of the “Trim the Fat” initiative.
  • Integrated Edfinancial’s online loan process with other lenders using BizTalk and SQL Server.
  • Integrated LexisNexis’s identity verification service into Edfinancial’s online loan process.
  • Developed a customized DotNetNuke installation which integrated Edfinancial’s particular security requirements for use by Edfinancial’s partner schools.

January 2001 - April 2006Software Developer / DBA - Holston Medical Group

sql-server cognos coldfusion c# javascript

Responsibilities: Project management, web site design, programming, content management, database administration and graphic arts. Worked full time while full time student at East Tennessee State University.

  • Developed online transcription system, interfacing with enterprise wide electronic medical record system.
  • Developed Holston Medical Group website and related content management system using Cold Fusion, HTML, JavaScript, and MS SQL Server.
  • Developed automated physician dashboard using Cold Fusion, HTML, MS SQL Server, Cognos Impromptu, and Cognos Powerplay.
  • Developed custom database catalog allowing data mining of electronic medical records system using Cognos Impromptu.
  • Developed custom work order request and tracking system using Cold Fusion and MS SQL Server.
  • Developed call center tracking system using C#, Visual Basic .Net, and MS SQL Server.
  • Implemented near real time SQL Server standby procedure for data redundancy and reporting.
  • Developed and implemented standardized process for software development.
  • Implemented SQL Server Reporting Services reporting across the enterprise.
  • Developed and deployed Windows SharePoint applications for OSHA testing.
  • Assisted with network management, help desk support, and Unix (AIX) administration.
  • Managed and maintained enterprise database servers and more than 500GB of data.

July 1999 - January 2001Software Developer - Marion Composites

vb6 sql access-vba outlook

Responsibilities: Program requirements collection, program design, specification, coding, documentation and training.

  • Developed contact management program using Visual Basic, MAPI, Crystal Reports and MS Outlook.
  • Developed supplier inspection tracking program using MS SQL Server and Visual Basic.
  • Developed asset inventory tracking program using MS Access, handheld scanner and PTMAN environment.
  • Developed electronic inventory request application using Visual Basic, MS Access and MS Outlook.
  • Developed numerous database applications and reports using MS Access.
  • Developed reports and queries using ADP Human Resources application and MS Access.
  • Performed as secondary network administrator of mixed Novell and MS network.

November 2012 - CurrentSoftware Developer - Independent Consultant

linux node.js mongodb twitter-bootstrap libvlc

Created video archiving solution that captures video and audio on demand from external source, allowing tagging points in the video, and playback, export, and archiving of captured video in a manner suitable for legal evidence.

September 1989 - October 1997Military Police - United States Army

access-vba rbase sql

Designed, implemented and maintained databases used to extract information pertinent to black marketing investigations.

  • Designed, implemented and maintained databases used to mine data pertinent to investigations.
  • Managed and maintained Europe’s largest US Customs field office.
  • Managed and maintained computer resources for a company of over 500 people.

2002 - 2006

B.S. Information Technology

  • 3.6 GPA
  • Dean's List
  • Graduated Cum Laude while working one full-time and one part-time job.


  • MCPD: Web Applications
  • MCPD: Windows Applications
  • MCPD: Enterprise Applications

December 2008 - Current
Stack Overflow

Written 35 answers. Active in wcf and c#.

portal.mypsn.comPSN Portal

ruby-on-rails html jquery extjs wcf

A "dashboard / iGoogle" style corporate portal.

Senior Developer: Created back end Rails web services, created a number of the driving data services, created content widgets (html/javascript), created Ruby web proxy for handling cross domain data.