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The Challenge of Management

There comes a time in most middle aged men's lives where they look at their boss and think to themselves "I can do better than that." Well, if you're as full of yourself as I am you've had that thought since you were about ten.

I took a management role a little over a year ago, and while I like to think that I am better than most of the managers I've had over the years, it's honestly often a really close race. I have a technical background and try and stay up to speed on what has changed in the last year and a half. So I've got that going for me at least.

My challenges tend not to be managing down, although let me state for the case that I do have challenges there. My challenges tend to be managing sideways, and writing without running out of commas. How do you manage your peers as a manager? And a bit higher on the difficulty scale, how do you manage your non-technical peers? More...