Things I Felt Like Posting

Looking Back and Moving Forward

Now that 2011 is over I guess now is as good a time as any to look back and see what the heck happened.  Frankly, it's all a blur for me. I suppose had I made updating this blog a priority I might have an easier time remembering.

I do recall getting to play around with MongoDB and RoR writing the beginnings of a DropBox clone. That was fun.

I dipped my toe into the ASP.NET MVC waters a bit. I'm impressed, and intend all my future web development on the MS stack to use MVC. With the exception of not having an ORM I like, MS has done an excellent job. I love the Razor view engine. It's probably time for me to just go ahead and chew through Entity Framework again and see if MS has finally made it palatable.

I bought a Mac Book, and I must say that the hardware is excellent and it runs Windows 7 flawlessly. I'm still not a fan of the Mac OS. but I've been living with it while teaching myself iPhone development.

I read some great books! Neil Stephenson's "ReamDe", James Gleick's "The Information" and the Steve Jobs biography are the three that stick out in my head, but I do remember "Ready Player One" and "Fuzzy Nation" as also being quite excellent.

Finally, for the end of the year I switched jobs. As of Jan 3 I will be working for Cellular Sales here in Knoxville. Which means I get to once again learn a whole lot of stuff in a little bit of time, which I love. Hopefully I'll get a bit more time to blog about things, but I'm not holding myself to it as a resolution.