Things I Felt Like Posting

Passing Configuration Values into WCF Behaviors

Sometimes when creating a WCF behavior it'd be nice to be able to pass in some sort of instance specific configuration information. Fortunately, you can.

In the previous post we added a class that implemented BehaviorExtensionElement so that we could apply our IServiceBehavior via the config file. There are a few other methods that you can implement so that the BehaviorExtensionElement will pull settings from the config file. This way when you add the behavior you can tell it something special, like what the friendly name of the service is. More...

BlogEngine.NET and Trackbacks

Apparently BlogEngine.NET sends a trackback everytime I update a post with a trackback link in it. If I have spammed you with trackbacks, I apologize.  I've turned them off until I have time to dig through the code and fix it.

Useful WCF Behaviors - IErrorHandler

Behaviors in WCF are so stinking useful, and once you get past the basics of WCF they're arguably a necessity. Microsoft has saved itself from hundreds of hours of cursing by including the ability to define custom behaviors.

My favorite use of behaviors is addressing some cross cutting concerns that we consistently have in our WCF services. Specifically logging, service registration, wsdl tweaking, and error handling. Which brings us around to the IErrorHandler interface.


By Jove, It Works

Finally, the base functionality is working. I got tired of fighting and switched IIS 7 to classic mode.

Problems, are magically gone. Now it's on to moving old stuff over here and getting a decent looking theme working.